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Our machines eliminate dust, sweep for debris, spray the cleaning solution, scrub and dry the floor in a single pass – up to 6,200 m² per hour.

For indoor use, they can be battery-powered or LPG-driven. And for demanding outdoor tasks, they can be petrol or diesel-driven.

They are all designed for simple operation, easy service and maintenance, and they all feature dust-free sweeping and most of them benefit from a high dump system for easy emptying. And they are made for tough cleaning jobs in harsh conditions.

Large area cleaning in food processing plants, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, airports, exhibition centers and car parks are obvious places for using a Nilfisk-Advance combination machine.

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CR 1000

A compact solution for tough situations

The Nilfisk CR 1000 is a compact combination machine that is perfect for mid-duty industrial applications.

Ideal for use in manufacturing plants, warehouses, parking areas, or wherever there is an accumulation of dust and dirt, and where space may be limited or congested, the CR 1000 offers fast, effective cleaning. Its compact size and excellent manoeuvrability allows it to operate in hard-to-reach areas, and the cleaning efficiency is on a par with that of a disc scrubber. And as one can expect from all Nilfisk machines, the reliability and serviceability are first class. The battery-powered CR 1000 can work either indoors or outdoors.

  • Compact design enables turning within a 240 cm wide aisle
  • Easy access to batteries, minimized electronics, and no tools needed servicing of brush, broom and squeegee keeps maintenance time to a minimum
  • Heavy duty construction and extremely reliable performance. A hydraulic system controls squeegee and scrub deck movements and drives the main broom
  • Low dump feature allows the hopper to be emptied and cleaned at a height of 35 cm
  • Easy operation, ergonomic control design, and excellent visibility provide added comfort and safety

CR 1000


CR 1200/1400

The combined cleaning solution

The CR1200/1400 are complete floor cleaning solutions as they can sweep, scrub and dry in a single pass or be used for just sweeping or scrubbing depending on the application.

All models are available as diesel, petrol, LPG versions. CR 1200 is also available in battery versions - to meet the specific cleaning application. The tank capacity is larger than with any other comparable machine, providing longer running time, higher productivity and lower cleaning costs. Operator comfort is at an all-time high, thereby reducing fatigue and increasing safety and performance. Plus maintenance has never been easier thanks to the "no tools" service access points.

  • Modular design and functionality offer a range of product variations to fit the customer application and to meet different budget levels
  • Longer running time between tank refills, high brush pressure provide better cleaning performance and higher productivity for lower overall costs
  • The operators seating position is ergonomically designed, offering a clear view of the working zone for greater safety and less fatigue
  • "No tools" maintenance access points makes routine service and cleaning fast and easy

CR 1200/1400


CR 1500

Powerful cleaning in demanding

When the demand is for a machine capable of really heavy duty industrial cleaning performance, the Nilfisk CR 1500 supplies the answer.

With an all steel construction and wrap around bumpers, king-sized tanks and hopper, and a powerful 3-liter engine, this combination machine is built to perform under the toughest of conditions. The machines cleaning power is enhanced by disc brushes and a hydraulic system that provides a scrub brush pressure of 272 kg on the floor. The real performance capability of the CR 1500 provides outstanding results and impressive productivity gains that quickly repay investment costs. When cleaning conditions are severe, nothing compares with the strength, power, and reliability of the Nilfisk CR 1500.

  • Wide scrubbing area (137 cm), a sweeping width of 152 cm, 11 km/h working speed, plus 380 liters capacity solution and recovery tanks provide high productivity
  • Huge hopper with 454 liter capacity provides increased operational time, and a dump height of 152 cm for emptying into any container
  • Oil and grease is removed in one pass thanks to 272 kg scrubbing pressure
  • Rear wheel power steering for better traction control
  • Adjustable scrubbing pressure provides first class cleaning regardless of dirt level or floor condition

CR 1500


ER 1300/1600

Ride-on combination machine with the widest cylindrical scrub deck in its class

The ER 1300/1600 ride-on combination machines are the definition of innovative and optimized design. This manoeuverable front steer is the widest cylindrical scrub deck in its class. This deck’s dual counter-rotating cylindrical brushes are capable of sweeping and scrubbing in one single pass.

Two different cleaning systems available in all the engine versions allow you to customize the ER 1300/1600 to your facility’s needs. Cleaning paths up to 157 cm are available on the machines. This coupled with efficiently packaged 380 liter solution tank delivers the capability of cleaning up to 13.900 m²/h. With ER 1300/1600 on-board Ecoflex system, productivity and chemical savings are maximized. The ER 1300/1600 design has set the standard in productivity, serviceability, safety and ease of use.

  • OneTouch™ control panel, Front Steering system & ClearView™ sight lines
    380 ltr solution & recovery tanks, 42 ltr vacuumized hopper
  • Tip out recovery tank opening with debris tray (std)
  • MaxAccess™: Full access to the machine for service
  • DustGuard™ and Ecoflex™ for maximum machine efficiency and productivity
  • NoTool™ squeegee blades, side blades and brushes replacement and adjustment

ER 1300/1600