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The M20 and M30 Range

Compact and versatile

The M20 and M30 range of rotowash machines are a combination of single pass (M30B) and dual pass (M20S and M30S) scrubber driers, that are capable of producing a high quality clean on all types of hard floors and carpets. The M30B has all the attributes of the M30S plus the added advantage of being a single pass scrubber drier which means it has a greatly increased coverage. The cleaning solution is fed onto the floor from the clean water tank via an electric spray pump mounted at the front of the machine. This means it can be used in large open areas by simply walking behind it. The well proven twin cylindrical brush principle means that the machines exert up to ten times the pressure on the floor surface than conventional machines. In confined spaces they are light to use and easy to manoeuvre around obstacles like furniture and fittings. This overall compactness means that the machines are ideally suited to environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, kitchens, school classrooms, hotels etc.

The M45 Range

Versatile and efficient

The M45 range of 45cm twin cylindrical brush machines are capable of producing a high quality clean on all floor surfaces including difficult to clean carpets and hard safety flooring, leaving the floor dry within minutes. The dual pass M45S, is ideally suited for medium sized areas such as kitchens, restaurants, schools, shops and nursing homes.

The M45B single pass machine with its' vastly increased speed and greater capacity is ideally suited for hospital wards, corridors, sports centres, catering areas and department stores. The M45ESC is an enhanced version of the M45 that additionally cleans escalators and travelators. The special brush enables the M45ESC to clean deep into the grooves, with minimal water consumption. Even heavily soiled escalators can be restored, leaving steps dry in minutes and presenting no safety hazard to electrical components. The escalator version is also available in 30cm and 60cm models. The M45 range is up to 45% more productive than previous models.

The M Class Escalator Range

The M Class Escalator range cleans and dries escalators and travelators. There are three models available in 30cm, 45cm and 60cm brush widths. They are fast and easy to use and clean right up to the edge of the escalator treads with the side brush attachment. Additionally, with standard brushes fitted, they will also clean and dry entrance matting, carpets and slip resistant floors.

The M60 Range

Large capacity and high specification

The Rotowash M60 range consists of two high productivity machines. The single pass M60B, and dual pass M60S scrubber driers are capable of producing a high quality clean on all types of floors, ranging from carpets to hard safety flooring. Both models have a superb 60cm brush width and a large cleaning area capacity, which make the M60 family ideal for applications such as sports halls, shopping malls, factories, large kitchens, long corridors, etc. The M60B is particularly suited to the heavy duty contractor markets with its superior productivity and extra weight for heavy scrubbing work. Both models enjoy a heavy drive motor ensuring reliable performance even on the toughest of jobs. The M60 range is compact and designed to reach under fixtures and fittings with a floor clearance of minimum 20cm, and yet the M60B can also achieve over 1800 square metres per hour on large area cleaning.