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A new series of carpet extractors has been introduced by Nilfisk-Advance. The range includes both cold water and hot water cleaning capability.

The MX 103C is designed for quick and easy removal of carpet and upholstery stains. It is a lightweight, compact machine that facilitates easy transportation and storage. The MX 107C is the other cold-water extractor in the range.

The two hot water models, the MX 307H and the MX 521H, both feature in-line instant hot water for deep cleaning. Both units also feature as standard equipment, the unique and proprietary Evolution injection and recovery wand.

The Nilfisk MX 521H has been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval from the prestigious Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) in recognition of its soil removal, water extraction, and texture retention efficiency.

Another machine - AX 651 Multi EDS - has been rewarded in the bronze category, and won the innovation award at ISSA-Interclean in Amsterdam 2008.

Designated the AX 651 multi EDS, this unit is designed to save investment costs and to increase productivity for cleaning contractors, and for facilities with both carpeted and hard flooring to be cleaned.

With its low noise levels of just 66 dB(A) whilst scrubbing and 69 dB(A) whilst extracting, the Nilfisk AX 651 multi EDS is suitable for daytime cleaning, even in noise-sensitive areas. The unit is fitted with Nilfisk's unique EDS-ECO Dosage system. This ensures that the precise amount of detergent is used, thereby avoiding waste and ensuring optimal cleaning performance. The system delivers the detergent directly to the scrub-deck, thereby saving water and eliminating the need for regular tank cleaning.









MX 103 C

Handy and easy-to-use

For quick clean-up or spot cleaning of carpets and upholstery, the MX 103C provides an economic and easy-to-use professional solution. The combination of excellent design, performance-matched pump, and powerful vacuum leaves a clean and almost dry finish that is quickly ready for normal traffic.

  • Compact size and easy handling makes it ideal for spot and stain removal
  • Tank emptying made easy thanks to large cap lid
  • Air filter automatically cleans exhaust air
  • Versions with carpet tool or hand held upholstery tool for flexibility

MX 103 C


MX 328 H

Mobile extractor that has a compact lightweight design for easy transportation

With on-demand instant hot water to 100ºC, leading-edge features, and the unrivalled Evolution injection and extraction wand as standard, the performance is outstanding. For heavily soiled carpets or upholstery, the MX 328H is the answer.

The MX 328 H features high heat and low moisture. It is an accepted fact that increased temperature while cleaning increases the chemical activity and cleaning effectiveness. Low moisture cleaning ensures that carpets will dry quicker, reducing down time and the possibility of mould growth.

  • Highly effective hot water cleaning of carpets and upholstery
  • In line heater provides on demand hot water
  • Unique and super effective Evolution injection and suction wand as standard
  • Pressure is adjustable for carpet or upholstery cleaning
  • Large rear wheels and cord wrap for easy transportation and storage

MX 328 H


MX 307 H

Exceptional value with hot water efficiency

For thorough restoration jobs on carpet or upholstery, hot water cleaning is by far the most effective. The MX 307H features an in-line heater to provide hot water on demand for fast, efficient cleaning.

The unique Evolution injection and extraction wand, the most advanced tool of its kind on the market, is included as standard equipment.

  • In line heater provides instant on demand hot water 100ºC
  • Hot water pressure spray ensures deep cleaning
  • Unique and super effective Evolution injection and suction wand as standard
  • 4.6m of crush proof vacuum hose supplied as standard
  • Cord wrap for storage and transportation

MX 307 H


MX 521 H

The gold standard in carpet cleaners

With on-demand instant hot water, adjustable heat to 100ºC, leading-edge features, and the unrivalled Evolution injection and extraction wand as standard, the performance is outstanding. For heavily soiled carpets or upholstery, the MX 521H is the answer.

The MX 521H includes a host of best-in-class features, and an overall design of such quality that it has been awarded the prestigious gold seal of approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute.

  • Highly effective hot water cleaning of carpets & upholstery
  • In line heater provides on demand hot water
  • Unique & super effective ‘Evolution’ injection & suction wand as standard
  • Switch adjusts pressure for carpet or upholstery cleaning
  • Built in hose reel, cord wrap and wand caddy for easy storage and transportation

MX 521 H


AX 14

Compact carpet extractor

Nilfisk AX 14 is a compact extractor for effective cleaning of textile coverings. AX 14 is practical solutions for cleaning professionals, hotels, institutions, restaurants, rental shops etc.

The AX 14 extractor is designed to clean textile coverings in the most congested premises thanks to a complete range of accessories. The machine has been developed for simple and effective operation for all users. The 4 rotating wheels offer greater mobility, and the polyethylene framework and accessories with stainless steel tubes last longer.

  • Cord storage on the machine
  • Accessories for cleaning wall coverings, carpets, hard floors, rugs, armchairs and seats
  • Injection pump protected by a removable filter in the solution tank
  • Integrated ergonomic handle

AX 14


AX 310 / AX 410

Dual Mode or Basic - the choice is yours

The needs of all carpet extractor users are different. That is why separate versions are offered for those who need on-board accessories and dual mode cleaning (AX 410), and those who's demand is for an economically priced extractor with basic functional features (AX 310).

With both carpet extractors, however, fast and effective dirt extraction from carpets is the name of the game. Thanks to the intelligent design and quality engineering that are the hallmarks of all Nilfisk machines, the AX 310 and AX 410 both offer ready-to-go reliability and simple-to-use operation. These units are designed to meet the demanding needs of cleaning mid-sized carpeted areas in offices, schools, airports, restaurants, hotels, malls and other heavy-traffic areas.

  • Smart Solutions™ Dual mode cleaning for renovation or maintenance cleaning on AX 410
  • AX 310 is the rugged no frills version for rental and simplified applications
  • Quality design and first class engineering saves water and chemicals
  • State of the art moisture recovery speeds up drying time
  • On board accessories on AX 410 make it easy to clean seat and wall coverings and hard to reach spots
  • The handle is adjustable for easy storage and ergonomic operation
  • Hard floor cleaning on AX 410 with hard floor kit

AX 310 / AX 410



Unique multi surface machine

Nilfisk AX 651 MULTI EDS is a battery-powered automatic multi surface machine. The same machine can be used for both hard floors and soft floors (carpets) by a simple converting function, giving you full flexibility and driving down the total cost of cleaning.

Superior cleaning result on carpets both in LIFT mode or restoration mode and help you protect your carpet investments. Standard is EDS - ECO Dosage Solution - on-board detergent for optimal savings of water and detergent.

  • Multitasking machine for both hard floors and soft floors, driving down total cost of cleaning
  • EDS, ECO Dosage Solution for longer running time and precise detergent metering
  • High cleaning result, CRI Seal of Approval for deep cleaning of carpets
  • Easy to use and maintain