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Tools & Accessories

Like our machines, NSS tools and accessories are abuse-resistant and built to last. Attention to detail, functionality, and user-friendly operation are hallmarks of our wide array of tools. Our offering is extensive - you will find unique tools for specialty applications that can't be found anywhere else.

Just pick up an NSS tool - feel its heft in your hands - to see to quality difference. In fact, many of our tools are formed with cast-aluminum bodies and brass fittings and connectors.

A key feature of NSS tools is their curved uniflow design, which maximizes airflow and pick-up. Our attention to ergonomic principles means that NSS tools are designed for safe and efficient use.

At NSS, we have over 25 tool kits designed to meet different customer needs. Wet or dry, for ceilings, walls, or floors, we have the right kit to help you get your job done more easily, more quickly, and more safely.

We have confidence in our tools. That's why many are backed by a 10-year warranty, which speaks volumes about their life expectancy and quality of construction.